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First rappel and natural archEl Salto Canyon


Car approach:
18.2 km. on paved road
1.6 km. on dirt road in good conditions
Hike in: 0.3 km.
Hike out: 1.5 km.
Hike duration (including the canyon): 1.5 h.
Date: 04/18/2010
Gear: 2 x 60m ropes.

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El Salto is a very accessible and short canyon with only two rappels. We did El Salto as part of the activities during the 2010 Rendez-vous organized by the Mexican branch of the ACA.


From the Hotel Hacienda Cola de Caballo, follow the paved road NL-20 uphill for 6.6 km to the Puerto Genovevo pass (WP PtoGenovevo). Keep on this road till the small village Ciénaga González (CienagaGonzalez) at 15.9 km. from the Hotel. Before the end of the village, leave the road to the right towards the obvious gorge. The paved road becomes a dirt road till the parking spot.

Description of the canyon:

The first rappel (40 m.) is mostly free hanging and its anchor is on the canyon right. The natural arch is not to be missed. A rusty metal cable helps to downclimb to the second and last rappel. Its anchor is on the canyon left. The bottom of the second rappel is totally dry and covered with pebbles. After heavy rains or in rainy years, abundant water flows down the rappels and there is a pool at the stream bed.

Hike out:

The trail to go back to the car is on the canyon right. A trail begins at the vertical wall and climbs back up to the canyon entrance. Follow the trail till the car.

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