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Hanging gardenLogride Canyon


Car approach: high clearance, shuttle required
Hike in: 0.3 mile
Elevation descent: 365 ft.

Canyon length: 3.4 miles
Total canyon descent: 1700 ft.

Hike out: 0 miles
Elevation gain: 0 ft.

Duration: 10 h. (plus shuttles)
Date: 07/05/2014

Gear: 2 x 200 ft. ropes, webbing and quick links, wetsuit: 5 mm or more.

The Logride canyon (a. k. a. the South Branch Middle Fork Feather River) is particularly beautiful. Many of the wide waterfalls are covered by green moss that contrasts against the granite rock. The crystal clear water forms pristine pools and even there is a rappel exit that resembles an infinity pool.

This canyon can be split in two parts, the upper and lower Logride. When combined in a single day, it’s a fairly long one. We didn’t explore the middle exit, but apparently it’s a very steep 800 ft. hike up on a dry dusty gully.

Luca rappeling next to another moss-covered waterfall

Car Approach

This adventure starts at Mislap campground, 100 miles North of Sacramento. To get there, find your way to Oroville and take Rd 162 (Olive Hwy) East. Olive Hwy becomes Oroville-Quincy Hwy. Turn right at Bald Rock Rd and after half mile that a left onto Milsap Bar Rd. Here is where the pavement ends. The dirt road from here to the Milsap Campground (7.5 miles) requires a vehicle with decent clearance.
This canyon requires a car shuttle. The end of the canyon is at the campground so leave your shuttle car here. The road to the start point is rough and definitely requires high clearance vehicles. Exit the campground, turn right and follow the Milsap Bar Rd. This road zig-zags its way up the road for 6.8 miles (about 1 h and 10 minutes). Park your car at this point (0002SecondCarPark, N39° 42.264' W121° 13.825'). The middle exit point is about 5.9 miles from the campground (0001MidExitRoad, N39° 42.566' W121° 14.499').

Hike in

The hike in is just a 0.3 miles and 365 ft. bush walk down the slope toward the stream bed. There is no trail. We suited up at 0201SuitUp, N39° 42.059' W121° 13.903'.

Tom on the hanging garden


Judit rappeling into a pool packed with floating logsThe total descent is around 3.4 miles and 1700 ft. The water was cold. Some of the team members did it with 5 mm. wet suit and some others with a 3 mm full body plus a 3 mm chest. The longest rappel is 130 ft. Some of the anchors are installed in the river bed. As a consequence several were in pretty bad shape and we had to replace a few. Bring enough gear to build your own anchors. At couple of the rappels are wet and one includes crossing the waterfall. However, there are several jumps and pools to wade. The majority of the canyon is wide open and sunny, except for a short narrow section. The middle exit is on canyon right, before the infinity pool rappel (0202MiddleExit, N39° 42' 20.1" W121° 14' 41.0").

The last rappel is from a tree on canyon right (0203LastRap75ft, N39° 42' 26.6" W121° 15' 28.9"). The vegetation on the wall of this rappel includes some poison ivy. From here, it’s 0.9 miles to the campground, also on canyon right.

Hike out

Exit the stream on canyon right at the campground and drive up Mislap Bar Rd. to recover the car.

Infinity pool anchor

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