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This page is a tribute to other riders we have found along the way. Besides their names and originary country, we provide a link to their blog or web page (if they have one) and a summary of their adventure.


Alex and Ping

Name: Alex and Ping (19/10/2011)

From: Greece and Taiwan

Web page:


They started in Santiago de Chile and got to San Pedro de Atacama, where we met. Their next stage is crossing to Bolivia through the Lagunas and head to El Salar de Uyuni. After that, they will continue South until their time is over in January.

Mathieu and Anne

Name: Mathieu and Anne (17/10/2011)

From: France

Web page:

They came all the way from France to ride the Lagunas route and the Salar de Uyuni, starting in San Pedro. Very interesting way to carry the panniers on a full suspension bike: light weight attached to the seat post and 2 additional panniers on the extra wheel.


Name: Lukas (9/10/2011)

From: Switzerland


We met in the Inkawasi island, in the middle of the Salar de Uyuni. Lukas also rode through the Sud Lípez, on a different route though but we met again in San Pedro de Atacama. He keeps riding South, till Ushuaia.


Atsushi and Yoko

Name: Atsushi and Yoko (27/9/2011)

From: Japan

Web page:

Today is their first day on the road. They started in Cusco. Yoko stops in La Paz but Atsushi continues riding till Ushuaia.


César and Regis

Name: Cesare and Regis (22/9/2011)

De: Perú and Brazil


Cesare has already completed several trips with his bike, but this is Regis' first. They started in Cusco and go to Rio Branco, in Brazil. We hope Regis gets the cycling bug and they keep using their bikes to travel around.

The time we spent together with Edi in Limacpunko was memorable. 5 cyclists from 3 different countries talking non-stop. Well, mainly Cesare and Edi... Cesare jumping up and down and Regis trying to calm him down. He almost succedded in making the hostal owner go nuts... Hillarious!!!


Name: Edi "El trotamundos de Sudamérica"(21/9/2011)

From: Brazil

Blog: Search for his videos in youtube

Edmilson is a special character. He has been on the road for more than 5 years and has ridden through all the latinoamerican countries. He is known as "El trotamundos de Sudamérica" and has been interviewed by several TV channels. His monsterbike is as special as him. No panniers or aluminum racks. Just two racks made of steel rods and lots of blankets covering his stuff. We think he is carrying an HD TV and a "chancho" under all those blankets...

Edi, keep riding!!


Name: Christoph Müller (20/9/2011)

From: Switzerland

Página web:

Chris has been on the road for 16 months already. He started in Alaska and his recumbent will take him all the way down to Ushuaia.

José Luis

Name: José Luis (4/4/2011)

From: San Sebastián (Spain)
Riding yet another time in South America. This time crossing to Argentina through Roballos pass and the Chacabuco Valley, then Route 40 North and back to Chile through Los Antiguos/Chile Chico. We crossed him close to Laguna Verde on the road from Chile Chico to Mallín Grande. We were the lucky ones that day. He had face wind all the way.

Name: Miguel (3/30/2011)

From: Asturias (Spain)


Another rider that keeps coming back to Patagonia, this time riding North. We chased each other for weeks without actually meeting. Other riders told us about him and him about us. We first met in Villa O'Higgins and then in Cochrane where he saved us from our problems with the credit card. Thank you very much Miguel. You´ll get your money back one of these days...

Miguel, Judit y Cèsar


Name: Daniel Perou (3/12/2011)

From: France

Travelling around the world for 3.5 years. We shared a spectacular sunrise looking at the Cerro Torre and the Fitz Roy from the road to El Chaltén. It was a cold morning and the hot milk warmed us up to keep pedaling towards the village. Good travels till Perú!

Daniel and Cèsar


Name: Àlex Santallúcia (3/12/2011)

From: Lleida (Spain)

Touring the world. We crossed him outside of El Calafate. He started in Alaska but skipped Central America where he is going after arriving at Ushuaia. When we were chatting Daniel arrived coming from El Calafate. The 4 of us kept talking for almost an hour. Àlex, remember to replace that tire. You´ve been using it from Alaska!!

Daniel and Àlex


Name: Sergio (2/9/2011)

From: Italy
Riding part of South America. We crossed him on the road out of Punta Arenas (Chile) on a very windy day. He was the lucky one that day. We had face wind and finally gave up and hitchhiked. Sergio is retired and enjoying life. Nice color matching Sergio!
Fionna and Andy

Name: Fionna and Andy (1/30/2011)

From: United Kingdom
Riding part of South America. We crossed them outside on road F, close to Río Grande (Tierra del Fuego) on a busy Sunday due to the number of weekenders from Río Grande. Nice sun glasses Andy ;)

Name: Kiku (1/29/2011)

From: Colombia
Riding South from home and doing some eco-friendly educational work along the way. He is a consolidated cyclist and rides barefoot; only with some padding on the pedals. We missed his girlfriend that was riding a few km in front of him. We met him riding out of Tolhuin (Tierra del Fuego).

Name: Arnau (1/28/2011)

From: Barcelona (Spain)
Riding part of South America. We met him at Panadería La Unión in Tolhuin (Tierra del Fuego). He was in a rush to catch a plane in Ushuaia in a couple of days to fly home. Before that he wanted to ride to Lapataia Bay, the end of Road 3 in Tierra del Fuego National Park, a must for all riders. Hopefully he made it in time!