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Bearclaw Poppy + Stucki Spring Loops


Distance: 17.9 miles
Elevation gain: 1500 ft.
Total descent: 1500 ft.
Duration: 5:40 h.
Date: 5/26/2012


Description of the route:

Stucki Spring Loop

This ride combines two mountain bike classics around Saint George. On top of it, it provides an alternative return path for the Bearclaw Poppy trail, as opposed to make it an out-and-back trail. In general, the ride is fairly easy with some steep but very short climbs. The section from the Gap to the Bloomington trailhead is a blast with technical drops (that can be bypassed) and fast single tracks. After that, come 6.4 miles of gentle uphill and then more fun with single track downhills. The scenery is typical of high desert with sparse shrubs, cholla cacti and some yucca. The reddish bluffs and mountain ranges on the background add a splash of color to the views.

To get to the trail head, take exit 6 of the I-15, just South of Saint George and find your way to S. Dixie Dr. Turn left at Canyon View Dr. and drive to the end of the pavement. If you have a 4WD vehicle, you can drive up to the Bearclaw Poppy trailhead. Otherwise park at the end of the asphalt and ride from there. Drop to the valley below and ride on a SW direction climbing up towards The Gap (a notch in the bluff formed by a rocky dry stream). The dirt road going up to the Bearclaw Poppy trailhead goes parallel to the dry stream on it’s North side. Don’t cross the creek. Once you reach the Bearclaw Poppy trailhead, cross the gate and keep pedaling up towards the gap tank. Cross a second fence and drop down choosing one of the multiple tracks according to your downhill ability. Follow the narrow wash until it opens up. From here follow the signs indicating the difficulty of the track all the way to Bloomington. This is a very fun section, mostly a gentle downhill where you can pick up speed or play with the technical ups and downs.

In about 5 miles you’ll arrive at the Bloomington trailhead. From here you can trackback but we suggest an alternative way where you will find fewer riders. Cross the fence and turn right at the gravel road in NW direction. You can ride on the dirt road or find a less crowed single track close to the fence. After 0.8 mi from the trailhead, cross the fence and ride again on the zone restricted to motor vehicles. There may be a way to get here from the Bloomington trailhead within the restricted area, avoiding the road. At mile 6.1 from the beginning, you get to a corner of the fence. Keep straight and after a short stretch, turn right and go down to merge with a well marked single track. Turn left here and follow a NW direction taking the left track on any coming fork.

Stucki Spring Loop

At mile 7.4, turn left again to start the Stucki Spring loop. Keep taking the left branches at any fork. This section rides on the crest of a small bluff dropping to your left. There are several ups and downs but all are short and ridable with no problems. The climb you started at the Bloomington trailhead will continue for a total of 6.4 miles and 900 feet of elevation gain. The last section up to the highest point is quite scenic with the colorful slopes of the drop to your left. Once at the top (mile 11.4), the fun starts again for about 2 miles of exhilarating single track downhill.

At mile 13.2, turn right. The left branch heads towards Santa Clara. The trail flattens out but keeps its interest with the short hills that can either be climbed and downclimbed on the other side or bypassed on the side. Keep having fun with all the stunts along the way until mile 15.6 where you find your own track. Turn left here to start the return to your car. Once you exit the narrow wash at the base of the Gap tank climb, follow the tracks next to the wash looking for the Flat Line Trail sign. This is the easiest trail to get to the top. From here, fly down to the Bearclaw trailhead and on if your car is at the pavement.

Bearclaw + Stucki Spring Profile
Bearclaw & Stucki Spring Profile.

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